Beyond Dreams

Out of a burning desire to make the best use of time in making this world a happier and better place, Beyond Dreams came to life around 2 and a half years ago on Friday, February 16th 2007.
A simple idea: People Ideate.We motivate them to do what they love doing, with strong will and support, and most importantly we help them believe that it is possible to succeed.
We are proud of the route we have taken so far and are happy to see that our vision of what we wanted to be doing down the line is taking shape and becoming reality.
We started off with our first order by designing a website for Lakeview Milk Bar, Bangalore’s oldest ice cream parlor. The owner Mr. Deepak Vrajlal was quite satisfied with what a few freshers could churn up at a very low cost, making his business smoother, efficient and more accessible to his clients through online communication as we also provided an Email solution to him.
With the money we earned, we invested in a Tattoo artist. Weird? Who invests in a Tattoo artist? Would it be successful? We didn't think or stop to think about any of those questions. We Believed in Sidharth then and we believe in him more now. Today he is established, running his business every weekend, he has so many people trusting him with their skin. He does a great job :)
Cutting the story short, today apart from what we have mentioned above, we do financial advising, we have ventured into Photography (Product & Model Portfolios), recording an album of our own, and also a book in the making :)
On August 16th 2009 we launched our website and another venture that is on a scale, way bigger than what we have done to date.
We are proud to present Beyond Dreams Travel. Our current operations focus on flight bookings and holidays both domestic and international. Soon we will be offering a complete travel solution by adding into our basket, bus bookings, bookings for the lifeline of India - Railways and saving plans for holidays.
We thank you for taking your time to read about us. We would be glad to help you in every way possible, by giving you solutions from our varied portfolio.
Looking towards cultivating a greater relationship of trust between Beyond Dreams and You.